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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I become a member of
A: Easy, just fill out your 'Search Profile' and select your 'Search Preferences' on our home page. We will match the demographics information you provide (gender, age, location), with the opportunities available and will provide you with a list of free to join companies, paid surveys, focus groups and consumer panels that will pay you for participating in market research studies. We recommend that you also opt in to receive our paid surveys invitations, so you don't miss on any of the "private panels" that recruit only via email and so we can update you when new panels open or previously full panels start recruiting again.

Q: Is it free to join? Are there any fees?
A: is absolutely free. There are no charges or fees whatsoever. We offer you to participate in free online surveys that will pay you. Registering to take paid surveys with market research companies is also always free. In general, if a company asks you to pay them money to register or to take surveys, then it isn't really a true market research company and you should read carefully all their terms before you decide if you really want to join.

Q: What are the benefits of being a member of SurveyLot?
A: There are certainly many benefits. You will not only gain access to many of the best opportunities in market research, but we will make it easy and save you a lot of time and efforts. We have done the tedious research to find, evaluate, categorize and bring to our members the best opportunities available. As a SurveyLot member you will get personalized results of market research companies that at the moment are actively recruiting members matching your specific demographics data, meaning that you won't need to waste your time registering with random companies that may not even have any surveys for you in the near future. We update our listings daily to make sure that our members are first to have access to new panels and don't waste their time with expired opportunities. also provides its members with advanced search functionality where you expand or narrow down your search by type of opportunity, type of rewards and more. You can conveniently browse your results and read reviews and ratings by us and our members about each opportunity. For added convenience, SurveyLot stores your search preferences and allows you to bookmark results for later viewing in the bookmark tab. If you opt in to receive our paid survey invitations via email, you will also have the chance to join invitation-only "private panels" and you'll get updated when new opportunities become available. Last but not least, we respect your privacy and we will not share your personal information with third parties.

Q: Once I sign-up at SurveyLot, when can I expect to receive my first paid survey?
A: After you register at SurveyLot, you will get access to many market research companies that are looking for people matching your demographics . Some of these companies will have surveys available online right away but most will send you survey invitations by email within a few days of joining them. Please note that in addition to registering with SurveyLot, you DO need to register with some of the market research companies you find listed on SurveyLot in order to start getting their paid surveys. Registration with each company separately is necessary because we cannot share your personal information without your permission and additionally, the market research companies would normally ask you for additional information to build up your profile that would allow them to qualify you to take surveys targeted to a specific group.

Q: How many surveys should I expect to receive per month?
A: It depends but you can probably expect a few surveys per month from each market research company you register with. Some companies have generally more surveys available, some fewer, but it also depends how your demographics data and background information in your profile would match the target audience of the surveys being conducted at that time. There are generally many surveys conducted on various topics by each market research company at any given time, so there will be some surveys for everyone registered to participate. To get more surveys, simply register with more market research companies.

Q: I want to take more paid surveys. What can I do?
A: To get invited to more surveys, simply register with more market research companies. They work on different research projects for different clients and you will get more surveys.

Q: How much can I earn per survey?
A: Rewards vary and are generally determined by how much time and effort is involved in completing the survey. The rewards provided may range anywhere from $1 to $50 per survey but most paid surveys are likely to be in the range from $2 to $10 and would take from 5 to 30 minutes to complete. Based on your profile information and previous survey history, some companies may invite you to take "specialist" surveys paying up to $50 or to participate in focus groups with rewards between $40 and $200 for a couple hours of participation. Some companies may send you "screener" surveys to build up your profile information. These surveys may offer little or no rewards at all, but they may be your foot in the door for higher paying surveys and focus groups. You may also receive surveys that have no guaranteed reward on completion but rather an entry to win a reward. You will always be informed what rewards are offered up front before you start any particular survey. It's up to you to decide what surveys to take, as there is never an obligation for you to take any of the surveys you are being invited to take. Participation is always voluntary. Therefore we recommend that you register with many market research companies, and then from the surveys you receive, pick the ones that meet your interests and earnings criteria. Market research companies will generally provide good and fair pay for your time, as they want to keep their members satisfied and willing to take future surveys.

Q: Can I earn a living taking surveys?
A: It is unrealistic to expect to earn a living or to get rich by taking surveys. Yet, you can still make pretty good money and get rewarded for your time. To maximize your earnings, register with SurveyLot and consider our "success formula".

Q: How will I get paid for taking surveys and who will pay me?
A: You will get paid directly by the market research companies that you register with and whose surveys you take. Most companies pay their panelists by check or by PayPal. Some companies may send you a separate payment for each survey you complete. In most cases, your earnings will accumulate in your account with the particular company and you can request payment after you take a few surveys and reach a certain redemption minimum specified by that company. Please note that many companies keep track of your balance in terms of points that you can redeem for cash or for other rewards such as Amazon gift certificates, gift cards or other prizes. In turn, the market research companies that pay you collect the money from their clients on whose behalf they conduct the studies (surveys) you participated in.

Q: Why do some surveys offer prizes and not cash?
A: Survey panels may ask you to initially take a short "screener" survey when you first register with them. Unfortunately these are not usually paid surveys. You might be entered into a drawing for a prize, but the real purpose behind those screener surveys is that is how market research companies get to know you. Based on the information you provide in the screener surveys, the panels will subsequently qualify you to take the higher paid "specialist" surveys. So, be smart and build up your profiles so you can "unlock" the really good surveys in the future.

Q: Do you share my personal information with anyone else?
A: No, we respect the privacy of our members and we won't share their personal information with anyone without their explicit permission to do so. We use the information you enter on our site to match you to available opportunities and to personalize your search results and our email communications to you. For more details, please consult our Privacy Policy. In turn, market research companies also adhere to strict rules governing the privacy of their members and will not share their members' personal data. They will reveal survey results to their clients only in a summary form without reference to any personal data. In general, it is always recommended to check the privacy policies of websites to which you intend to provide personal data.

Q: I can't log in. How can I get my SurveyLot password?
A: You can retrieve your password here by entering your registered email address.

Q: How can I unsubscribe from SurveyLot?
A: You can unsubscribe from SurveyLot at any time here or by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any survey invitation email that you may receive from us. Please note that if you registered to take surveys with any other market research companies, you may need to unsubscribe with each one individually.

Q: Can I invite my friends to join
A: Yes, we will be please if you do. You can share our website URL with them or use our tell your friends form to send them a short message about

Q: Who is eligible to sign up to take free paying surveys?
A: Anyone who is 13 and older is eligible to sign up for and see what opportunities are available for them. Opportunities will vary based on country, age, gender and location.

Q: How old do I need to be to take free paying surveys?
A: Some market research companies accept teenagers (age 13+) while others accept only members age 18 and above. By entering your age when you register at, you allow us to automatically display only the opportunities that you are eligible to participate in.

Q: I do not live in the US. Can I still register to take paid surveys?
A: Yes. There are many more opportunities available for residents of USA, Canada, Australia and the UK in general, but there are also opportunities open for all countries as well as for residents of specific counties such as Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Russia,etc. You can register with SurveyLot to view the available opportunities for your country.

Q: Can someone else take my paid surveys?
A: A survey should be answered ONLY by the person who it is addressed to, unless it is otherwise noted. If you have a friend interested in taking paid surveys, you can have him/her register at to view a list of market research companies matching his/her profile, or you can refer him/her directly to a specific company you recommend. Please note that some survey companies may have a limit of one account per household.


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